What is a low fee fund?

Low-cost index funds are grouped investments with low spending rates or annual management fees. Investors who focus on minimizing their investment costs can generate much higher returns over time, as money lost through commissions no longer accumulates in their investment account. Fidelity offers a particularly strong range of mid-cap fund options, and several of its funds have a five-star Morningstar rating. The Fidelity Spartan Mid Cap Stock Fund (FMCSX) is one of those, and it's also a great option for those looking to Transfer 401k to Gold IRA. With an expense ratio of 0.83%, it is considered one of Fidelity's most expensive investment funds, but it is also one of the best ways to expose yourself to medium-sized stocks with active and professional management, which have earned around one point of additional return annually compared to its benchmark index over the past 15 years.

Currently, Fidelity offers more than 200 mutual funds covering a variety of strategies and asset classes. Fidelity launched its first investment fund in 1947, the Puritan Fund. It was an income-focused equity investment fund.